- Get Paid to Click and View Sites

🤔Your Opinion Matters 🔥 So Store It Safely On-Chain And Earn From It

💡Yup - Rate Anything on Any Website

Yup is a second layer social capital protocol built on EOS blockchain. It enables you to upvote or downvote all the content on the internet. It also facilitates a reward scheme and governance model centered around reputation, which means it pays you to rate the internet.
Here’s how you can get money and clout: Add the browser extension, it takes just two clicks and is 100% free. Click the Yup icon and rate anything, like cute pet photos, viral debates, top influencers, fun memes, gifs, or any random links. Then how to earn your tokens and influence? If others give similar opinions to you, you’ll earn YUPX tokens. The tokens can be swapped for Venmo or Amazon cash.
You can use the extension on any site. Additionally, some reactions on major social media such as Twitter likes, YouTube likes, Reddit upvotes, Google Maps ratings will be treated as Yup votes too.
Begin “yupping” right away and earn!

💡Koalament - Store Your Comment Safely

Koalament is an opensource commenting service that uses an extension to store comments on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
Your comment will be bound to a key (label), that can be a URL, hashtag, brand name, topic, etc. No user, webmaster, service provider, etc. can remove your comments as a result of a disagreement between parties. It does not require any permission to access the browser’s data and your privacy is protected. So you can leave a truly censorship-free comment on any website!
It supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. The steps to install the extension and make things work are pretty much like Yup. But for Koalament, you have to log in with a specific wallet. The Koalament team charges a fee that in total wouldn’t pass $0.006 per comment to prevent users from spamming the network.
Enjoy the decentralized and uncensored web!

💡AltYes - Turn Your Browser Into Your Posting “UI”

AltYes makes it possible for you to share content on various social networks within a few clicks.
AltYes is providing a very user-friendly browser extension to completely socialize the internet on an unprecedented level. You can crosspost anything on different platforms. See a meme on Twitter? You can easily share it with your community on Telegram.? Find some useful knowledge on Wikipedia? Post it on your Facebook timeline right away.
With AltYes, you are also able to potentially earn some extra income for sharing your life and experiences with the world. If you share content to Hive blockchain, where this project is built, you might get some tokens as a reward. So you can enjoy the benefit of blockchain tokenization by simply surfing in your browser, without having to know all the ins and outs of programming.
It’s available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Netbox browsers.
Yes, turn your browser into your posting “UI” now.
You may also like:
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 145 - DOGE4DOGE - Rebuilding the Hype Machine

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
One of the failures of DOGE4NASCAR -- one that, sadly, wasn't even our fault -- was that we had done all this amazing work to get attention onto us and our coin...
But there was no easy, simple way for the people who found us to 'impulse buy' some Dogecoins for themselves.
When we talk about Services that we need, having a fast, safe, easy, reliable way to get your hands on Dogecoins is absolutely crucial as we move forward.
I know there are some options in the works, and I know that there are a few sellers on Dogemarket who are legit. But we need something fast, clean, professional - something non-threatening, something that inspires confidence for first-timers and yet, can handle volume.
If that sounds like a tall order, well, it is - but that's our next step toward the moon. And the first one to figure that out, get that up and running and stable? Enjoy your profits, because you've earned them.
For the entire month of June, we're going to be working hard to get our Bootstrap Economy up and running, getting Shibes to step up and help other Shibes for Dogecoins, get coins transferring amongst ourselves rather than sold on exchanges for other currencies.
In order to make that work, we need to re-tool our DOGE4NASCAR hype machine.
Did someone you hired do amazing work for you? Let us know in the sub!
Share their creations with us! Share their info with us! Did you have an amazing experience thanks to another Shibe? Share it with us - photos, videos, you name it!
Make us jealous for you! Make us want to live vicariously through you! ;D)
One of the most important things we can do to help make Dogecoin truly soar is to offer items and experiences that you can ONLY buy with Dogecoin.
I asked in one of my last posts if you'd pay Dogecoin to learn how to surf?
That one question got me a ton of PMs!
People are willing to pay Dogecoins for all sorts of experiences!
Imagine getting to be on track, shaking Josh Wise's hand, wishing him luck in person, just before the race. Sitting, track-side, just a few feet away from the pit-crew - in the heart of the race itself.
Would you pay for that kind of experience?
Imagine getting to hang out with some talented musician Shibes and cut your first record! Or go to an exclusive, Shibe-only concert? Maybe we can get FoxFaction and some other Shibes to band together and put something together?
Would you pay Dogecoins for that?
Would you invest in coins to have on hand, just in case an opportunity like that popped up?
We need to get fellow Shibes not just 'excited' about building our economy, but actively thinking about and searching for ways to help!
The good news is that a lot of speculators and people who 'thought they were investing in something like Bitcoin' have now left the building. Which means that those cheap coins that are sitting on the market are there waiting to be bought up by Shibes. By people who will hold them and use them and tip them.
I've been buying up what I can when I can (not a rich Shibe, sadly) but there's still lots left out there for the rest of you.
The heart of the matter, of DOGE4DOGE, really, is this: If we can't inspire ourselves - the people most personally vested in Dogecoin's success - to make Dogecoin work as a currency, then how can we go to others and expect them to join in with us?
We're a fun place and all -- and no one could ever deny it -- but we're also a currency. In order to be an actual currency, we need to be able to use our tips for more than just tipping. All those people we've sent coins to? They need to be able to see Dogecoin as something useful as well as fun.
Something that, when spent, they want more of.
And that's what we're working toward this month!
DOGE4DOGE is about spending our time and brilliance and creativity focused entirely on us. It's about Shibes taking the power back for ourselves, putting our coins in our hands and using them.
And THAT's how we're going to build the foundation for a much, much larger economy, together.
But it starts here, with you, with us.
It's 7:34AM EST and we're at 80.57% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is seeing a huge spike right now, from ~41 to ~48 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is also spiking from ~634 to ~827.
If you can mine, now's a great time to get out there and get some DOGEs!
As always, I appreciate your support!
DOGE4DOGE - Bootstrap Service Economy - Shibes helping Shibes for Dogecoins - Add yourself to this list in the comments!
Huge ups to calyxa for taking the time put this crazy list in order and add categories. Thank you!!
Engineering and Industry:
Game Tutorial - On-line and Board Games:
Graphics, Video and Art - Tutorial and Service:
Hardware Repair - Tutorial and Service:
Human Languages:
Programming and Web Development:
Writing / Editing:
Projects in need of your attention!
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BAT Community Weekly Update: 05/04/2018 - 05/10/2018 — BAT/Brave opens office in London, UK; BAT Meetup in NYC on May 15th, Brave browser vs. Chrome vs. Firefox speed test video, events galore!

BAT/BRAVE Open New Office in London, UK; Presentations in Singapore and South Korea
Last week, Brave gave multiple presentations in a flash tour across Asia and signed a lease for new space for its London office.
See the exciting blog post here:
Brave and BAT NYC Meetup (May 15, 2018)
Come meet Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, and creator of JavaScript. Brian Brown, Brave's Chief Business Officer, will also join the Q&A.
BAT/Brave at Hacks/Hackers Montreal (May 17, 2018)
On May 17th, Jennie, BAT Community Manager, and Chris (@chriscat/@miyayes) from BAT Canada will be presenting and providing a Q&A on BAT/Brave at Montreal’s “Hacks/Hackers” blockchain meetup. See event for more details:
Brave browser for desktop speed test vs. Chrome and Firefox posted for popular websites
Brave shows it is up to 3x faster on popular websites. Watch the 1 minute video here!
BAT nominated for Best Project in the Crypto Influencer Awards
Please help vote for BAT!
Watch Brendan’s full presentation in Seoul, South Korea
If you couldn’t be there for the BAT/Brave meetup in Seoul, you can now view the entire talk online! Lots of fantastic information. The presentation is in both English and Korean.
Great New Interview with Brendan Eich & Jason Calacanis
Brave Creator Spotlight: Fanmade Brave Commercials
u/lukemulks’ brother has filmed a series of comedic Brave commercials. Be sure to watch them for a good time and, well, to get Brave ;).
Create your own BAT/Brave commercial and we’ll feature it in our weekly update and perhaps send you some nice BAT/Brave merch!
BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Merch GIveaways for this week are:
Monday (Reddit): u/cmillhouse
Tuesday (Twitter): @RGhadamian
Wednesday (Facebook): Allan Cyphor Durante
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to participate for your chance to win!

BAT/Brave in the News:

Supporting Brave means empowering freedom.
With Brave, a revolutionary browser from Brendan Eich (Javascript creator, Mozilla, and Firefox Founder) you just pay a monthly contribution which is divided among the publisher sites you visit the most. Avoiding shitty ads and trackers. It’s like Netflix, but for surfing the Internet. You pay a monthly price to reward content creator while everything flows.
5 Industries Primed for Blockchain Disruption
There are many startups taking a crack at solving the attention economy problem, but perhaps none are quite as on the nose as the blockchain project, Basic Attention Token. Not only does BAT provide an internet browser that blocks ads and trackers, but its business model works on the revolutionary concept of directly paying consumers for viewing ads. This incentivizes users to view ads they'd normally block or tune out, and it achieves more precise targeting for advertisers with lower rates of fraud.
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Hosts 1st Meetup in Seoul
Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave Software CEO Brendan Eich aims to change that Internet usage paradigm and shift users into a decentralized blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform with the open-source Brave browser as an example where users are given a more private, faster, and better browsing experience while also giving them their own freedom to reward their favorite sites and content creators with its native BAT cryptocurrency.
Is 2018 the Year of the Security Token?
Utility is where the market headed after bitcoin became old news. The aptly named ‘utility tokens’ are the result of an ICO whereby users of a blockchain platform pay with the tokens sold during the ICO, or that they earn for providing some other relevant input. Basic Attention Token rewards users in BAT for using the BRAVE browser and viewing ads.

News You Should Know:

Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers
Pi-hole (as in “shut your …”) is a free, open source software package designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, a basic computer that’s popular with DIYers, fits in the palm of your hand, and retails for about $35. Most ad blockers have to be installed on individual devices and work only in web browsers, but Pi-hole blocks ads across an entire network, including in most apps.
[This article mentions Pi-hole, which is a great concept. Briefly mentions Brave, so put it in the news you should know section.]
Apple is reportedly removing apps that share your location data with third parties
Apple has started removing apps from the App Store that violate the company’s policies by sharing location data with third parties without explicit consent, reports 9to5Mac. The breaches are related to sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of the company’s App Store Guidelines, which say that apps must not transmit “user location data to third parties without explicit consent from the user [or] for unapproved purposes.”
Google goes for the wow at I/O, but what about privacy?
While there were some jaw-dropping announcements, what we didn't get was a whole lot of insight into how the world's biggest search company is thinking about its approach to privacy and data collection. ZDNet, CNET's sister site, points out that there was no mention of privacy, and only one mention of security during the entire two-hour keynote on Tuesday.
Medium abruptly cancels the membership programs of its 21 remaining subscription publisher partners
Medium has informed publishers using its platform to offer paid memberships that it’s ending that feature. An email at the end of last month from Medium’s head of partnerships Basil Enan told publishers that the company was planning to discontinue memberships in May.
Jason Kint posts about Facebook and Google are eating all US advertising
Jason Kint‏ @jason_kint
woah, new read on IAB report today, Duopoly actually eating all US advertising. TOTAL Internet + TV + B2B + Magazines + Newspapers + Radio + OOH + Music + Video Games + Cinema = grew $13.3B in 2017 Google and Facebook = grew $13.4B in 2017 "Everything Else" = shrank $.1

Brave Team Tweets:

BrendanEich @BrendanEich
Private Tabs using Tor is coming to Brave very soon, too. Exit-region-selection soon after (not soon enough but I will subside). Cc: @bcrypt
7:03 PM - May 9, 2018
Yan @bcrypt
i will be interviewing @xychelsea onstage at HOPE this july.
4:21 PM - May 3, 2018

Roaring Fans on Twitter:

Sqweetz‏ @iamtweetingyo
@mozilla haven’t used your product in a long time. Switched to @brave and never looked back. This dishonest post just confirms I made the right decision. 7:49 AM - 10 May 2018
Aidan McCourt‏ @AidanMcCourt
Web browser @brave is a worthwhile alternative to anti-democratic @Google’s chrome. 6:26 AM - 10 May 2018
Cyphor "Not giving away $BAT" Durante‏ @cyphordurante
It only shows how generous the @brave team is. $BAT's weekly merch event. Thank you @AttentionToken. 12:18 AM - 10 May 2018
Here's some stats on @brave browser adoption. I really want to see this project succeed. As a web developer, I think our total dependence on Chrome is not necessarily a good thing for the industry... 📷9:17 PM - 9 May 2018
Been using @brave browser for less than a day...AMAZING#brave #BAT #mozilla 5:14 AM - 5 May 2018
I started using @brave less than a week ago. In that time, it tells me, it has stopped more than 1,200 trackers. That's a lot. 1:45 AM - 5 May 2018
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Abundance via Cryptocurrencies.

Back in 2011 before I started munching red pills errday, I was looking to loot up. I thought google was the perfect example of clever entrepreneurship and despite the fact I knew jack shit about it, I subbed to programming thinking that most likely something big was going to come out of the computer realm. A couple of months later a little article popped into my feed from there " Google develops new bitcoin wallet ". I had a read of the comments and it was noted that it wasn't google developing the wallet but rather an employee as part of their extra vocational activities. Someone in the comment section mentioned the silk road and I had a little look around trying to find out more about it. I downloaded Tor and found the way to access it and after looking around thought that I'd better give it a crack.
I got my first bitcoin via paypal for <$1 but then paypal cracked down on that channel and because there were no Australian exchanges I had to go some roundabout way of getting myself second life credits and then using an in game exchange for bitcoin. I bought a few more and had a little dabble on SR. It worked and my little sample orders came through. I was super impressed and set about getting more of this magic internet money that had enabled such a cool service. About the same time, it started going through it's first bubble getting as high as $30. It crashed down to $20, then $15, then $10 and at each of those levels I threw a few grand at it that I had sitting in an account from when my granddad died. I was keen to get more but then it started heading lower and I thought "ah I don't actually know shit about this. I think it's a good idea, but this is my first time investing and I could well just end up going out the back door."
They hit $2 a coin but I had no need to sell and just sat on them for a couple of years. Towards the end of 2012, as the first halving of the block reward was approaching, the price started to move again. It got up to around $15 again where I was even, but again I had no need to sell and just sat on them. By April or so they'd gone mental and had reached their then all time high of $270 odd. At the peak they were going up so fast that I went to bed one night and woke up with my stack worth $5k more. I cashed out enough to buy a few oz of gold for my original $4k investment but held the rest.
Throughout this time I'd been consuming all I could about this cool new tech and the associated avenues that had opened up in decentralized/disruptive technologies. I was reading every post in rad_decentralization polycentric_law, seasteading, open source ecology and whatever I could digest to apply to my vision of what I wanted to do with this loot.
A couple of months later I went off on an adventure overseas to go surfing in Mex, some summer festivals and do a snow season in Canada. I was reluctant to spend my coins because they'd now gone down to around $70 or $80 bucks so I'd been going through my savings. After Burning Man I was out of cash. I was supposed to go back to Mexico to hit up the south with some friends but I decided instead to go up to Northern Cali to try find some work on the farms in a town we'd passed through.
I spent my last $200 on a crappy hotel and getting pissed at the bar looking for leads for work. The next day we found a guy who'd give us a start and we headed up to the hills to work for a few months. We had worked for 2 weeks when there was a bit of a hiatus for a few days (which coincided with symbiosis festival), so we went down there to party for a few days.
On the weed farms we'd been hanging with lots of deadhead kids and they'd all been sharing stories of eating heaps of acid and other drugs and I thought it was time I give a big dose a try. I managed to get a hold of some at the festival, tore off 5 tabs and shoved em on my tongue. The guys face kinda dropped and he's like "dude, they're really strong". I had just smoked a masssssive joint and was about halfway through a bottle of captain morgans, so I just kinded "Meh'd" him and laughed. Needless to say, they were indeed quite strong and 6 hrs later I've got some medic knocking on the porta potty asking me if I'm alright. Completely naked, filthy, sticks and leaves and shit all through my beard and hair. I'm like "yeah, i'm ok but do you have my clothes?" She didn't and didn't know where they were but I managed to get a blanket off her and walked outside into the party. At that exact moment my friends happened to be walking past first aid and I heard one of their voices through the darkness. I yelled out to him and the others and they came over and took me with them.
I went back to camp a bit bummed out that i'd gone too hard and ruined the party, but then I could hear the music pumping and actually felt pretty good so I went back out to look for my clothes and shit. I couldn't find them until the next day my jeans turned up in lost and found with my wallet in them. I rolled out of that party that next evening, pretty rattled, no shoes and totally broke again.
Not long after I got back to the farms I heard of the silk road bust and noticed bitcoin had taken another hit. However, in the following days, perhaps due to the shutting down of an unsavoury aspect of the bitcoin ecosystem, the coins went on a surge. By the time I was up in Canada for my working holiday snow season they'd gone as high as $1250 a coin. I cashed a few out to sort myself out for the season. Didn't bother finding a job, bought a pound of weed and just boarded every day.
Through this time, I'd spread a bunch of my stack over some shares denominated in bitcoin and some of those were generating me nice dividends. One in particular which was in a company making mining hardware was doing really well and I put a lot of my coins in there. They took a hit after restructuring their business model to redirect dividends into R&D, which made the price plummet. I doubled down on them but eventually they ended up going out the back door. I lost another 10btc or so to a scam run out of Cyprus that was supposed to be a btc-euro gateway company, but he bailed once the btc price dropped. A few others crashed along the way and then in the mean time I'd spent most of my liquid coins on going back to Oz to visit my girlfriend, returning to canada, then returning back to Oz once that relationship was on the rocks.
I got back to Oz the second time, with only a couple of coins left, they'd dropped down to $400 or so, things didn't work out with her and I just fell into a rut after being on such a high. I talked mum into selling me her old car for a few bitcoin and moved to Melbourne to try something new. Around this time projects like ethereum, ripple, dash, monero were all starting up and since I'd been burned on a few scams and failures, I doubted my ability to discern what was going on and out of fear didn't get involved with any of them.
During the run up of the coins from $15-$1250 I'd been digging into researching all about decentralized/disruptive technologies and had been developing ideas for radical community projects utilizing the benefits of open source technologies and distributed ledgers to greatly increase efficiency, as well as transparency and accountability. When I moved to Melbourne I went to a few bitcoin meetups but just found that they were full of traders and business folk but not many were into the radical side of things. I started knocking around with a few crew from the party scene and began brainstorming some ideas for festival/community development through crypto.
Though at the peak the projects that I'd been ideating had seemed almost tangible, when back in the real world with no money, they became much further away. I couldn't go back to the old way of thinking in the traditional paradigm, but without a bankroll I didn't really know where to start. I still wanted those things, but had no capital and no network. Through my research into crypto I'd discovered the scheme that is the Federal Reserve and the corruption of fiat currency and through that found myself being drawn to conspiracy and becoming addicted to "figuring it all out".
I got a bit of casual work, but I just couldn't bring myself to engage with the system on anything other than my terms. I still dreamed of community development but all my time was spent in the web of lies and paranoia that is the conspiracy realm. From my solid acid trip I'd got enough of a glimpse of the spiritual nature of things that I still manged to hold the light through my foray into the pit, but I became a bit consumed by it all. I had another couple of trips that showed me a look at an interdimensional world but in glimpsing them, I also took on a lot of paranoia that I had to work through. I started seeing bitcoin as the system for the NWO to implement their cashless economy and mark everyone for eternal damnation.
I kind of stayed in this world for nearly a year or so, until I stocked up on DMT from a guy at a festival and got stuck into that as a bit of a practice. What it told me was that all this world is my creation. The abundance I experience comes from a state of mind and similarly the poverty I experience comes from the opposite state of mind. It told me the most important thing I could be doing, is working to cultivate a mentality of abundance. I began cultivating that idea and whenever I was consciously aware of a choice between abundance and scarcity I would endeavour to choose abundance.
A few months later, I ended up falling in love, getting married, meeting a friend who has a project called "abundance" (where he is trying to cultivate the shift in perception on a mass scale), had a kid, took on a massive build/renovation to a warehouse/ started a business. Recently the business has gotten to a point where I actually have a couple of spare bucks again and so I decided to enter back into the world of cryptocurrency to see where it's at. I got 2 bitcoin and thought I'd spread them around on a few of the alt coins to see how they go.
I'm still distrustful of the story behind bitcoins inception and it's role in the overall scheme of things, but I have regained faith in my ability to discern what's going on. In the bundle of cryptos there probably is one that will be the vehicle for the beast to get their subjects, but that's not going to stop me from riding the train to abundance town in the mean time.
I bought a bitcoin and spread it around on a few of the alt coins that I thought looked interesting eth, etc, ltc, pivx and ripple. I think Ripple is set to go bananas. They're currently working with about 150 banks to use ripple to settle international transfers. Apparently they're also in negotiation with the reserve bank of Japan to utilize it. If you're aware that the US economy has been set up to tank, and there's going to be a restructuring of the power to an eastern led financial system, ripple seems like the prime candidate the facilitate that. When they roll out new SDR backed BRICS currency, they're not going to be able to just implement a new standard by coercsion. It's going to be by utilizing existing services that are already being used by a number of people. Ripple is a Silicon Valley start up, and if you know anything about the MIC involvement in SV, you'd know many of the companies from there are simply fronts to enable the implementation of the technology that TPTB are ready to release to us. In the 2-3 weeks that I've had my ripples it's already gone up 100% but I think it could possibly be at $1 (from $0.07 now) within a year if they succeed in taking down SWIFT.
I was talking to my friend with the abundance project about crpyto and how we're going to liberate ourselves from fiat slavery and he saw a number plate on a car in front of him that read XTC 999. I thought I remembered a coin that had the trading abbreviation of XTC so I had a look around on it. There was in fact a coin that had that but when I was reading the thread about it on bitcointalk it appeared that the project had stalled. In the same thread someone mentioned that although it had stalled, if you like the look of the project, you should take a look at IOTA.
I looked it up and what do ya know, it's a super innovative new protocol designed to for intermachine operability in the internet of things. It doesn't run on the blockchain, but rather has a new type of ledger called the tangle which does asynchronous settlement which their developers allow it to scale infinitely as it increases in efficiency as it records more and more transactions. Because the individual making the transaction does the POW at the time of the transaction, it also allows IOTA to run without fees because spamming the network actually assists it by confirming more and more transactions. I did some digging on it and because it's not listed on any exchanges it's a bit harder to come by, but I was super keen to get some so I threw a bitcoin on it over on their trading channel on #slack. In the two weeks that I've had my IOTA it's already increased by another 66% as well.
I don't really know what the point of this post is, but I just wanted to share with you all because I love you and I think that we're approaching a point where the traditional financial system is about the be dismantled and the new one is rolling out. The new one isn't some currency that a bunch of coders in a Russian office have been working on. The Russian coders are working for ethereum, the MIC is working through Ripple in Silicon Valley. Having projects developed in an office is old school. It's way more efficient for TPTB to release some technology to the masses and have them develop their own chains that will enslave them. These companies now are the companies that will service the NWO's cashless economy. I would encourage you to get in and get some while the going it good and then put those earnings towards setting yourself up so that when the day comes that "none shall trade without the mark of the beast", you're living off grid in your open source gifting economy and you don't give a fuck.
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In honor of Talladega, here is a list of 98 FACTS ABOUT DOGECOIN AND DOGECOIN FACTS. Enjoy!

Hello, everyone!
In honor of the Talladega race, here is a list of 98 facts relating to Dogecoin and other Dogecoin-related facts, however tenuously. ;) This list isn't an official fact sheet, nor is it particularly authoritative, but hopefully you'll learn something interesting.
I tried to offer a mix of obvious and esoteric information.
  1. Josh Wise is the underdog(e) racer driving the Dogecoin-sponsored car in the Talladega NASCAR race.
  2. The number 98 comes from the number of Josh Wise's race car. You'll often see tips, etc. with 98 in them on the dogecoin subreddit.
  3. Other funny tip amounts include 4.20 and 777.
  4. NASCAR is an acronym meaning National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, referring to the stock cars that are souped-up from “normal” vehicles.
  5. NASCAR's roots are in bootlegging, where people drove illegal booze around and avoided cops with fast cars during the Prohibition.
  6. Doge- has become a useful prefix. A well-known example is the Dogecar.
  7. The Dogecar in question is a Ford Fusion.
  8. “Talladega” refers to the name of the racing track, the Talladega Superspeedway. The track was originally known as the Alabama International Motor Speedway, which is not nearly as catchy as 'Dega.
  9. The actual name of the race that Josh Wise is racing in is the Sprint Cup, during Aaron's 499.
  10. The Dogecoin “mascot” is a Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed whose name is sometimes translated as “Small Brushwood Dog.”
  11. People in the Dogecoin community are known as “shibes,” the nickname of the Shiba Inu.
  12. Sometimes “Shibes” is capitalized, just as “dogecoin” can be written in lowercase.
  13. The palindrome of Dogecar is Racegod.
  14. “To the moon!” is a rallying cry in both the Dogecoin and Bitcoin communities. It can refer to several things: the skyrocketing price, the adoption of the currency, or both.
  15. Dogecoin is based on a meme in which a Shiba Inu named Kabosu looks quizzical and uses strange grammar to remark on things.
  16. In fact, there are rules for Doge grammar.
  17. A mainstay of Doge grammar includes the use of “wow” at the end of statements.
  18. The Dogecoin font of choice is Comic Sans, released in 1994 with Microsoft products.
  19. Comic Sans, a much maligned font, was redesigned recently as Comic Neue. Classy!
  20. Dogecoin's code is derived from Litecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that developed after Bitcoin.
  21. Some of Dogecoin's biggest fund-raising efforts have included sending the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the 2014 Winter Olympics, building wells in Africa, and supporting victims of natural disasters. Plus the Dogecar!
  22. A Dogecoin ATM was demoed at Coinfest in early 2014.
  23. In Tijuana, Mexico, there are two Bitcoin-based ATMs that support Dogecoin.
  24. A house was recently put up for sale with the price of 100 million Dogecoins.
  25. A key difference between Dogecoin and Bitcoin is that Dogecoins are less rare, with 5.2 billion coins released into the economy every year.
  26. There are a handful of Dogecoin-friendly restaurants that accept Dogecoins as payment for food. One of the most well-known is the Iron Rail Diner.
  27. The Iron Rail Diner offers a “To the Moon” Sundae.
  28. If you'd rather buy food online, Dogecoin marketplaces have sprung up to allow shibes to grocery shop in their favorite cryptocurrency.
  29. The dogecoin subreddit lists a ton of service providers and shops that allow Dogecoin purchases, and there are other directories that can help you lighten your Dogewallet.
  30. Three foods available for purchase on ShopDoge are two flavors of Doritos and a pack of Mountain Dew.
  31. The stereotype does stand to some scrutiny: recent demographic surveys have skewed towards young, tech-savvy males.
  32. In fact, two recent surveys have shown female participation within the Dogecoin community at less than 15%--and one showed the level to be less than 10%.
  33. Mountain Dew is generally shown on labels as Mtn Dew. No period after Mtn, much like there being no period after the Dr. in Doctor Pepper.
  34. The no-period thing wouldn't be that unusual to someone familiar with British English: in many situations, the period is omitted after the title.
  35. The Tex-Mex fast food chain Taco Bell has exclusive rights to Mountain Dew Baja Blast.
  36. Tipping is a huge deal in the Dogecoin community.
  37. Although dogecoin is obviously very welcoming towards Dogecoin tips, other subreddits are less excited about them.
  38. “Tip” as a word isn't all that old. It originated in the 1700s and was originally a slang term.
  39. Tipping started in England when guests would offer “vails” for overnight accommodations.
  40. The word “gratuity” is much older, though the word in English has a much more official feel than the tipping found in the Dogecoin community.
  41. Tipping is a common practice in the U.S., but it's not an expectation around the world.
  42. The practice of tipping waitstaff in the States derives the fact that waiters and waitresses earn a much lower wage in order to offset food costs.
  43. In Japan, it's weird to tip people.
  44. Tips in USD are considered taxable income by the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service.
  45. The drinking water campaign in Kenya was funded partially by a 14 million-doge tip through Twitter, so-called the “most valuable tweet in history.”
  46. Dogecoin can be bought, acquired through tips, or acquired through faucets.
  47. Faucets are sites that offer a slow leak of cryptocurrency to users who enter their wallet address. Although the faucets offer free coins, the amounts are generally very small.
  48. A common occurrence in the Dogecoin community is the giveaway, a spontaneous tipping event with rules and parameters—even if the rules are that everyone who comments gets some Dogecoin!
  49. Although there are many shibes who start out in Dogecoin via mining, many others are lured in by the giveaways and the free Dogecoins that dogecoin hoists upon newcomers.
  50. The first Dogecoin conference happened in May 2014 in San Francisco. It was appropriately called DOGECON SF.
  51. Dogecoin started as a joke, but it soon became serious business.
  52. Another thing that started as a joke includes the game Goat Simulator, a ridiculously game in which the player causes goat mayhem.
  53. Testing new ideas as “jokes” can be a good way for businesses to get a sense of what their consumers actually want.
  54. One big example is ThinkGeek's Tauntaun sleeping bag, a joke that was so awesome that it had to eventually come true.
  55. You can buy legal services through Dogecoin.
  56. You can pay for an obstacle run through Dogecoins.
  57. There is such as a thing as caffeinated peanut butter, and it's available for purchase via Dogecoin.
  58. Master Gardeners—or at least one in Wisconsin—support Dogecoin!
  59. Master Gardeners are those individuals who have gotten intensive training through the American Horticulture Society.
  60. You can relax at a spa using Dogecoin.
  61. You can become a Korean martial arts master via Dogecoin.
  62. There are numerous ways to gamble your Dogecoin.
  63. Be careful, though: depending on where you live, online gambling may be illegal regards of currency.
  64. Actually, the laws regarding cryptocurrency and gambling are a bit nebulous.
  65. Online poker sites began to disallow U.S. Players from gambling their USD on a Black Friday.
  66. Black Friday is the day when profits go “in the black” (to the moon!) in time for the upcoming Christmas and holiday shopping season. It's a U.S. holiday of sorts after Thanksgiving in November.
  67. DogeMusic brings busker tips from the real world into Dogecoin tipping online. Much generous.
  68. Tipping in Dogecoin can be a type of crowdfunding, a pooling together of money for a cause that's rife around the Web of 2014 on sites such as Kickstarter, Kiva, and Indiegogo. In fact, these sites could one day accept Dogecoin tips!
  69. A handful of nonprofits accept Dogecoin, a few of which include Shelter Card, League Against Aids, Wags & Whiskers, and Ghana Medical Help.
  70. You can get a six-pack through Dogecoin. Sort of.
  71. You can surf in London through Dogecoin.
  72. May 4th is Buy Something with Doge Day, an effort to stimulate the burgeoning Dogecoin economy.
  73. May 4th is also Star Wars Day, an unofficial celebration that was given the nod by LucasArts. May the Fourth be with you!
  74. Dogecoin was introduced to the world on December 8th, 2013.
  75. If Dogecoin were a person, it would be a wobbly toddler. At the age of four months, toddlers' eyes have generally sharpened to 20/40 vision.
  76. If Dogecoin were a puppy, its vision wouldn't be in black and white, like some people believe. Instead, it would be saturated in yellows and blues!
  77. Dogecoin shares a birthday with Nicki Minaj, Mary Queen of Scots, Eli Whitney, and Ann Coulter.
  78. Another famous birthday twin includes Sinead O'Connor, who was sent to an asylum for shoplifting when she was a teenager.
  79. The day after Dogecoin's inception, an article reported that over 500 were mining the new cryptocurrency. That number has increased tremendously since then.
  80. One famous Dogecoin supporter is the man behind
  81. is a shock site from the Internet days of yore featuring, well... Google it.
  82. The owner of the .cx domain, Christmas Island, is the one who stopped the scourge of Goatse.
  83. Before the advent of novelty domains such as .ninja or .bar, domain names were based on actual locales.
  84. Colombia, owner of all .co domains, gets revenue from sites with a .co suffix.
  85. One of the top-rated posts on dogecoin shows a photo of the Jamaican bobsled team in the Olympic parade.
  86. Another post shows 50,000 Dogecoin-worth of pizza being delivered to a homeless shelter.
  87. Dogecoin is very much focused on philanthropic efforts. Studies show that doing good makes you feel good, which has likely contributed to the tipping culture on Dogecoin.
  88. That said, there have been Dogecoin scams and the like, so it's important to be cautious but friendly, much like how you'd approach an unfamiliar doge.
  89. Reddit supports Dogecoin not only through the dogecoin community. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, accepts Dogecoin donations for crowdfunding efforts and is a big supporter of the currency otherwise.
  90. Much as there is doge, there is cate. Cate doesn't have a spokescat, however.
  91. One of the most famous meme cats is Grumpy Cat.
  92. Grumpy Cat arose to fame on Reddit in 2012 and has since become a cat celebrity of sorts.
  93. Dogecoins have been featured in street art, the most famous incidence being when an anonymous shibe started donating thousands of Dogecoins to people in San Francisco.
  94. FUD is an acronym for “fear, uncertainty, doubt.” It's bandied about in an effort to calm people down during spikes and lulls in the Dogecoin economy.
  95. The amount of Dogecoin raised to fund the Dogecar was 67.8 million Dogecoins, around $55,000 at the time of exchange.
  96. Before the Talladega race, dogecoin was a trending subreddit.
  97. The future of Dogecoin appears bright, but there's nothing factual to say about it: so many things can happen that it's impossible to predict any sort of growth trends.
  98. This list is 1,901 words long. Whew!
submitted by o_how_he_sings to dogecoin [link] [comments]


Wat sup guys, I was surfing through the web during my article and as usual, found something amazing I want to share with you. Today I will be talking about Livestream of videos, the major challenges the market faces and the solution. But first, let’s know what Livestream is.
Livestream of a video is a streaming platform that allows users to broadcast live video content through the internet, using a camera or the viewer to pay to play the live content via the web. Before you think of Livestreaming you have to pay for a subscription or should I say for the content provider to use. The industry has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years having a staggering worth of $30 billion in 2016 and is said to grow to about $70 billion by 2021 if you agree with me this is a huge sum of money to be precise but it is actually worth it.
You find out the industry is growing very fast and the ability to get thousands of people is just a click away and basically a reality for the industry so you see the main reason why it is very important. Statistics have shown that streaming video online brings nearly 10 million users daily and these active users could be watching videos for an average of 106 minutes every day. That just small compared to the 81% of internet users who Livestream content in 2016. Believe me, tons of social media platform have started integrating Livestreaming so as to reach customers easily.
So let me quickly go to the challenges the Livestream market faces.
• You find out that the major live streaming platform like YouTube or Facebook has not yet featured a built-in to Donate on the platform.
• We found out that most Livestream applications features only domestic applications and I not actually connected all over the world.
• The traffic of most live stream application is not high
• They are a more limited streaming platform in the market that is not actually integrated to Blockchain.
So they are more but the only possible solution to these is LiveTalk Network platform.
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They are so many, because of time I would go to the overview.
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Full HD quality videos to stream, the platform pays based on number minute watched views and amount of likes on each video. Through the platform, viewers can be to pay using the LVT Token to user’s channels. They are more and more features to stick with once registered to the platform.
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Over the past year, I've more or less completed the transition from "quirky introvert" to "friendless shut-in".

Background: From Seattle. Moved to Colorado sophomore year in high school, finished college in Colorado and moved back to Washington.
I moved to Seattle about a year ago, thinking it would solve my problems. Colorado Springs is sort of a shithole, and I figured I had enough friends in WA that it wouldn't be that much trouble getting on my feet. The good news is, I have enough money put away that I can sort of afford to coast off of my investments, so finding a job definitely wasn't my priority, and I actually have been focusing in a big way on getting my music out there/writing/etc... My website is going up later this week and I'm actually pretty pumped to get some proper cash flowing in, so that's cool.
Anyway, I was up in CO for the holidays, and while up there, I actually got a text from this chick who I had always had a crush on, essentially asking if I wanted to go on a date. We grabbed coffee, and just sort of chatted about our priorities, and it turned out she was really looking for someone to move in with, and she knew and trusted me from high school, etc.. I'm like alright, baller, let's do it- and at the time it sort of made sense. Like, I'd been living with my dad, and she had just moved back in with her folks after breaking things off with her fiancee and I'm sort of a pathetic, impulsive sack of garbage.
Anyway, New Years rolls around and she literally spends the whole night like, visibly crushing on this dude from her work. Apparently they had been dating for a good week and a half, which is cool, but at the same time I fucking hate myself for being such a pathetic idiot about it. So obviously, the move-in plan is not happening. Fuck it, I feel like this always happens to me. Like, believe me when I say- the friendzone and any other red-piller MRA seduction culture is bullshit, but the fact of the matter is like, I do absolutely have a huge lack of confidence, and like, considering the fact that I've been crushing on this chick for most of my life, it's super fucking demoralizing. I realize I have no one to blame but myself.
Okay, anyway, I've actually been helping my dad to develop this app- it's this stupid fucking idea but I have a business degree and tech connections, and he would pay me for producing it so I thought "Fuck it". It was like, the stupidest possible idea for an app, but keep in mind it was thought up by someone who was still carting around a fucking verizon burner-style go-phone until about two months ago. To him, "App" meant about as much in reality as "bitcoin" does to a lot of people- just this sort of hazy, weird thing that other people are doing, but somehow there's money in it, right?
Actually the answer is no, the profit margin on the vast majority of "utility" apps is almost zero, probably rightly so, but anyway I went out and found myself a programmer and we've been hammering that shit out for the past five months.
Imagine my surprise when the entirety of the source code was eaten, including the backups, on the day before it was supposed to be completed.
Now, I actually know for a fact the dev was not bullshitting me, and this isn't just a factor of good faith. I used the app myself, made sure all the relevant features worked, etc... And the fact of the matter is, if he was trying to Zuckerberg me, there's language in the contract expressly forbidding that sort of thing. Regardless, the app is dead. After a good long talk, wherein he assured me he could give me my money back for all the work he'd already done, I told him absolutely not, it's your money, you earned it. And I asked him what he wanted to do. We both agreed the app was fucking retarded, and are now actively working on putting together a business plan for a fork off the app idea- a proper game company. I'm fucking confident that we can make this happen.
Sorry, this is sort of rapidly turning into a diary entry. The fact of the matter is, one of the reasons I've felt so goddamn alone lately has everything to do with the fact that I was surfing facebook last night, only to see more or less all of my friends posting from seahawks game parties, to none of which I was apparently invited, despite having sent the vast majority of them "What's up this weekend?" Texts on friday, either getting no response or "Oh, you know, super busy".
I'm thinking about moving to Colorado, getting an apartment with some of my gross electronic producer friends and just coasting off my investments. I literally have almost zero drive towards legitimate employment. There's no one I know personally, regardless of privilege or volume of education, who's properly gainfully employed. Fuck, one of my best friends is an accountant- straight As, he's literally working data entry, with almost zero chance of advancement, something they made explicitly clear when he was hired. I'm actually in pending litigation with my previous employer, who was a bunch of racist assholes, in front of customers, costing me commission. I'm looking at a 10k+ settlement, but emotionally I'm so fucking out of it it hurts.
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Thoughts on Bitcloud and redesigning Internet in general.

First of all I'd like to apologize if I understood Bitcloud incorrectly, I am not an engineer, just someone who reads a lot of computer magazines and follows that stuff. From what I get it's Freenet meets Maidsafe meets Bitcoin, bluntly put. Much of this turns into a rant about how the Web could be improved rather than Bitcloud discussion, but I would like to hear from you if this is lunacy or could actually be done.
In order to create a new internet the central infrastructure should probably be a peer to peer social network, e-mail, search engine, cloud storage, file sharing and cryptocurrency (anything Google and Facebook do really). All of these have individually been done to some extent (YaCy, *Diaspora, BitTorrent Sync, MaidSafe and probably more), and I already mentioned Freenet, which allows you access in return for giving up a part of your hard drive and hosting some of the data. I assume Bitcloud allows you to do the same except you determine how big a part of the hard drive you give up and you earn Cloudcoins based on your upload rate, choosing which percentage to share with the content owners. Since many ISP's offer low upload rates, how will this impact Cloudcoin generation?
Another interesting question is will spending the coins when viewing/downloading content be automated(you view someone's music video and their host gets the appropriate amount of coins from you and then shares with author according to arrangement. Kind of like torrents, except most people leech and delete the torrent immediately, and there is no monetary incentive to do otherwise. An incentive system sounds awesome, but with upload rates as they are the ratio of download to upload being 1 to 1 seems impossible. That said, a system that automatically rewards content providers based on popularity would be a nice alternative to copyright.
For the Bitcloud to take flight both passive users and content producers would have to be attracted. For the passive user the prospect of making money just by renting out hard drive space is the big hit. In addition to UI being great and all the services working like expected, the ability to move without hassle from Facebook to the new social network or from Gmail to whatever the name for e-mail service will be, contacts and everything, would help attract users.
Additionally, passive web users are not just consumers but are producing a ton of data by their every action, which helps search engines categorize data which is used by advertisers. Compensation for both this data (if the user decides to make it available publicly) and watching advertisements (someone purchasing your time to persuade you to buy their product) could perhaps be built into the system as well somehow.
Content producers would be attracted by receiving coins for their content being viewed/downloaded, plus add revenue and prices they set themselves. With in-built advertisement system, similar to Google adsense, the producehost could then even share part of the profit with the viewer. The producer could also set the percentage of income that someone can earn by sharing the link (that is when and if that link is clicked on and viewed).
Bitcoin has had so many ups and downs in values, which could be avoided with cloudcoins in that most people would be viewing them from the start in a kind of gamified experience of web surfing (getting "points" for sharing and hosting content)instead as something to be gathered and get rid off for "real money" when time is right. Kind of like dogecoin but with useful application.
Bitcloud replacing the current net and eventually becoming a meshnet going around ISPs flared up a megalomaniac in me, so accepting the estimate Eric Schmidt gave that there's about 5 billion gigabytes online, getting 500 million people to store 10GBs each would do it. This isn't how I think it will go, just a kinda feasability check. Considering Bitcoin is 256 times faster than top 500 supercomputers according to a Forbes article, Bitcloud becoming the worlds largest cloud storage service, enabling it to swallow the current web data and any data the future will need stored is not that far fetched.
Megalomania continuing, why not add distributed cloud computation if it is possible, perhaps as a separate currency within the same system. I've read how hard this is when people discussed merging BOINC and Bitcoin, but it doesn't seem impossible. CPUsage is developing a commercial distributed computing platform, though they haven't been doing that well, hard to balance demand and supply it seems. Another project to pay attention to would be High Fidelity, a new virtual world Philip Rosedale (Second Life) is working on. His words are: "We're building a coordination system enabling millions of people to contribute their devices and share them to simulate the virtual world.", and they are going to be offered some sort of virtual money like Linden Dollars. Simulating a world would involve both storage and processing of data, but it sounds way too advanced to be possible. Bitcloud running apps, games, doing its own encryption work, search engine webcrawling and becoming a market for computation in general would be epic.
Back to earth, designing something like this will require genius. But if Linux and Wikipedia could get done collaboratively online why not Bitcloud, and there is always crowdfunding once the vision becomes clearer. Not only that but there are so many similar projects online it might not be necessary to start from scratch, and many of those working on other peer-to-peer projects may be persuaded to help.
Bitcoin benefited a lot from libertarians and tech culture in general promoting it, but political approach in promotion may alienate some programmers with skill from helping, especially if they are doing p2p research as part of government projects. The irony is that secure and decentralized Internet, while it sounds like an anarchist project, would benefit governments (and banks come to think of it) greatly. Major deterrent to digitization in government is that data centers would be vulnerable to both internal corruption/incompetence as well as DDoS attacks. A secure distributed cloud storage solves these issues, and if there aren't any other security issues it could even be used for online voting.
The ultimate project would be replacing every aspect of society, government and economics with functional Distributed Autonomous Corporations, and how that works out partially depends on these early experiments. Ending on that note, good luck to people working on Bitcloud.
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