How do I restore a wallet from a backup file in MultiBit ...

Haven't opened multibit wallet in months, now it is empty! What do I do?

** Edit: **
Thank you for the help everyone! I took a deep breath, and decided to double check that I wasn't an idiot and that I didn't have any aditional wallets on my hard drive. Lo and behold I found another wallet in my dropbox with all my bitcoins in it! I will be moving to electrum immediately. Thanks for all the help.
I've been keeping my bitcoins in multibit for years and check on them every couple of months. Today when I opened multibit I see that my balance is 0! When I go to multibits website it appears that the developers have shut it down and recommend moving to electrum.
I'm staying calm, but I'm very concerned all my bitcoins are gone. I don't need a lecture on why I should have moved to a new wallet months ago. I don't really follow bitcoin news much and didn't know multibit was shutting down. What I do need is some advice on how to recover my bitcoins.
When I email multibit, they respond with an email forwarding me to the support page and the export to electrum youtube videos
Here is what I have done so far:
  1. I have opened a multibit.wallet from my time machine from 6 months ago (the last time I was positive the balance was there). I let that wallet 'sync' with the network. It shows 0 bitcoins and no transaction history (which is weird because I should have a transaction history).
  2. I have gone to my cloud provider where I kept a backup of my private keys. I've tried to 'restore' that key to electrum but the length appears to be incorrect because the 'next' button is greyed out. screenshot2
  3. I've tried re-exporting my private key from multibit classic and importing to electrum, but again the key length is incorrect
  4. I've tried to create a 'watching only' wallet in electrum to 'watch' my old wallet. It also shows there is 0 history to my wallet.
  5. I've tried installing the mbexport node cli tool to export my private keys. Unfortunately it has a bug
What else can I do reddit? Please help.
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Think I Lost My Bitcoin

Firstly please excuse any lack of understanding. I've not really tracked Bitcoin in a number of years.
I purchased a small amount of Bitcoin 4 years ago. I brought with the idea I'll just buy and forget, might be worth something one day or might just loose it all.
I purchased it and as far as I remember everything was recieved on Knowing I wouldn't touch it for a while I follwed their advice and downloaded the wallet and then stored it in my Dropbox.
I can see the email in my inbox with the details:
"Attached to this email is an AES encrypted wallet backup which contains everything you need to restore your bitcoin balance. You can use it to restore the wallet at anytime at My Wallet or using the 3rd party MultiBit Desktop client."
At this point I was under the impression that my wallet was now stored within this backup.
I've just tried to restore it to today and it restores with a balance of 0. I can see in the transactions my two purchases and then 2 days later there is a transaction going out. Maybe this is just my own ignorance or lack of understanding but once the wallet was emailed to me and downloaded how is it still able to transfer out via Blockchain two days later?
Anyway I'm assuming what I purchased was stolen 2 days after I purchased it. Bit of a bummer if so but would be good for my own piece of mind to understand what happened.
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Another MultiBit Bug - Cannot transfer more than 999.99 BTC at a time.

Tried to move 1400 BTC the other day out of my wallet (to get away from multibit) and almost had a heart attack when I was getting Java errors from trying to transfer my BTC out.
You can only transfer 999.99 out of the wallet at a time... seems they have never tested moving >= 1000 BTC out. Would be interesting to see if the problem also happens on deposit.
EDIT: Just letting everyone know that I've moved to Armory with paper backups - this first bug reported freaked me out. You could imagine how I helt as soon as I went to transfer it out and find that there was a java number error!!
EDIT2: I think this post also needs visibility:
EDIT3: Error message posted below.
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Found some old bitcoin - how to proceed?

Hi all,
I've found my old bitcoin in a Multibit Classic wallet - i'm really struggling to understand some of the terminology used by people and was hoping for a laymans explanation of how to backup my wallet or transfer it to a still supported program?
Sorry for my limited knowledge but i'm really struggling here!
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I think I just lost 90BTC! Are they stolen?? Help!!!

Here's my wallet:
It's a brain wallet with a pretty darn good passphrase
Why is my transfer grouped with another transfer of 87.999BTC?? I used a Xubuntu Live CD and generated the privkey from my passphrase using a downloaded html from I used MultiBit and exported my wallet to a file, then modified the file to contain my priv key, then I transferred 12BTC to my blockchain wallet. Then I deleted the wallet, closed MultiBit and shut down the PC. Are my bitcoins lost forever???
edit: still struggling. I've done a "cat /dev/sdb > usbstick.bin" and copied the casper-rw file directly. mounting the casper-rw file works and I browsed to ~/MultiBit. There's one wallet there that looks interesting, but I cannot read or copy it in any way...
$ ls ls: cannot access multibit-20130321171949.wallet: Input/output error log multibit.blockchain multibit-20130321171949.wallet multibit-20130331160220.wallet multibit.wallet
searching for org.bitcoin.production through the casper-rw gives me 3 hits.
I also extracted this from the casper-rw:,1 walletVersion,2 receive,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT, property,walletDescription,Your%20wallet%20description property,walletFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,walletInfoFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,sendPerformPasteNow,false property,receiveLabel, property,walletBackupFile,%2Fhome%2Fxubuntu%2FMultiBit%2Fmultibit-20130321232754.wallet property,walletInfoFileSize,492 property,receiveAddress,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT property,walletFileSize,104
edit2: when trying to read the wallet file from casper-rw, dmesg says: [ 7994.345782] EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 64322
edit3: MultiBit is using bitcoinj, which stores the wallets in a protobuf format. I downloaded protobuf and the bitcoinj source, extracted the wallet.proto stucture and wrote a small C++ program that searches in the USB stick bin file for the string "\x0A\x16org.bitcoin.production", and tries to parse it as a protobuf wallet of size 8-50000 bytes. I found a couple of wallets, but only empty ones and my brainwallet. The structure with a header and reversed bytes that 4461462665 is refering to seems to conform with what I've read about how protobuf serializes data. I really think the wallet is lost. I'm going to quickly set up a sandbox that selected hackers can have a stab at. If anyone manages to recover the bitcoins, they are free to keep 30%.
edit4: TLDR; The story: I used a fresh MultiBit client, imported my brainwallet private key, made a 12btc transaction and then deleted the wallet. Turns out MultiBit picked up a 100BTC "input" and transferred the "change" (88btc) to the first key in my wallet (one generated by MultiBit before importing my own key). I have searched (hard!) for the key. I'm giving up, and will let the hackers of the internets take a stab.
edit5: I really think the bitcoins are lost. Looking at .wallet files from MultiBit, they all seem to store the private key in plain hex, prefixed with the string 1A 6E 08 01 12 20. I have searched for this string but all I could find was the wrong private key.
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MultiDoge 0.1.1 released - Much bugfix. Wow.

Yep, we just pushed version 0.1.1 of MultiDoge with some much needed bugfixes, but also small new functions! If you open the program now, it should notify you about the new version :)
Download Right here: Source:
How to update Check here: TL;DR:
  1. Backup your wallet by exporting keys or copying the data directory.
  2. Install new version.
  3. Check if all is okay.
  4. Uninstall old version.
Can't I just overwrite the old one? No, it's a matter of security. In the unlikely case something breaks with the new version you can easily go back to the old version.
Something else? We have a subreddit now for suggestions and stuff: /multidoge
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Let's Decentralise the World and Make World Crypto Network a Distributed Autonomous Organisation

Decentralise the World

EDIT 2014-08-01 See also pierebel0 Seed the Chain
Please read this carefully and be forthcoming with your views. It’s important to the future of World Crypto Network.
As many of you may know pierebel0 (Nick) and I have been working on an idea and since then we have been putting together diagrams and a plan.
Basically we want to get open source software to regions of the world that have poor internet connectivity and are in need of most financial innovation. This would be like an airdrop of items including:
Nick's initial idea was to produce a list of villages and towns ranked by bandwidth and we would then give each place a Bitcoin donation address.
We could use a map of the world using the open source CoinMap. A page on the World Crypto Net website called Join the Revolution. Members of the audience, hosts of the show and any willing participants in the global campaign can sign up and put themselves on the map.
We could then setup a Bitcoin Wallet in Armory and assign a Bitcoin address for every viable village and town in the world.
Our audience will be invited to vote on which town or village they wanted as to do an Open Source Airdrop on by sending bitcoins to that address. Each donation would be like a vote. We would set targets on each location based on the most cost effective way of delivering it and then let the market decide what order we should go in. We would probably want to weight it to regions that had the most potential to benefit from the project.

World Crypto Network as a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation)

Now the next question that came up is how to handle the funds responsibly?
Up until now people have just trusted Thom and I and sent us money. But if we are going to practice what we preach in this brave new community then what better opportunity to try out a DAO. Recently I reinstalled Bitcoin Armory to try out the new Multisig and multipart paper backup features and I suggest the following process for discussion:
  1. Live Town Hall meeting on Youtube with plenty of advance warning with members of our audience who have followed us up until now to discuss the election process of 7 people who will be custodians of Bitcoin Armory Wallet.
Key decisions will be things like: * How the election should take place? * Using the block chain as a clock on which Bitcoin Block should it commence? e.g. the election takes place at block height #312,020
Once elected each person is given a number at random.
  1. A custodian of the funds is selected at random using the first number in the Bitcoin nonce at block #312,017 between 1 and 7. This way none of the elected 7 will know if they are going to be in charge. This should filter out any power hungry psychopaths as mostly they want control right now and not leave it to chance. We want any would be dictator to self-deselect themselves from this process.
  2. That custodian then produces an Armory wallet consisting of a 5 of 7 paper backup. Each elected member is given one each and the custodian keeps the master copy. In order for the wallet to be restored and funds to be spendable you would need 5 people out of the seven to collude or join together in protest against the custodian.
Everyone, the audience and elected 7 included are encouraged to publish their raw public keys (in hex, not the normal address) so that we can create ad hoc multi-sig wallets with one another on a project by project basis.
I would also like to include the ability for the audience to become hosts and participants and even allow them to seize the funds by co-operating with members of the elected 7. This would mean dividing up 1 of the 7 root keys in to smaller junks like with a multiple encrypted zip file or something.

Thoughts and things to consider:

What I particularly like about splitting up the keys is that we could even engineer it to make sure that no more than 2 members of staff are elected per country. That way no single authority could shut down the World Crypto Network.
It’s also important to note that the elected staff and random custodian are just admin staff. Everyone’s a leader at WCN and the role of the people at the top is to give the people at the bottom everything they need to get their job done. All the custodian is doing it making sure the web hosting is paid for and that the donations get sent to the right people.
Individuals within the organisation are still responsible for their own projects and fundraising. None of the elected 7 can stop you from soliciting money for your hard work. But they might come in handy if you want to set up a project for a 3rd party like Let’s get Nepal on a Meshnet and you would like to setup a 2 of 3 multisig wallet of which one of them could be the custodian. This would lend you credibility when you market your project and make people more likely to donate.
We could also not bother with the initial election and just self appoint the first 7 people and just rotate the duties every 15,000 blocks.
Also Thornbreaker (Jamie Nelson) mentioned that we should come up with a manifesto. I think this is a good idea and we could do it on Github or a Wiki.
Thank-you for your time, I look forward to your reading thoughts.
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Please ELI5: BIP 39/HD Wallets

Ok, so I "get" the bitcoin thing, just barely, and I have a few mBTC in my wallet - have even passed a few around as gifts! Got a couple iPhone apps working, played around with Multibit, the full QT client, web apps (coinbase and the like) etc. I have a Bitstamp account I haven't used yet, but bought a little on localbitcoins. Great. I'm now an expert. :) One day I might actually use it to buy something, who knows?
I don't have enough tied up in this economy to get to jazzed about backups - offline dedicated computers, cold-storage/paper-wallets, etc. But I get the idea well enough that, should I actually put real money into this thing, I can get that going. I was starting to study this a bit (paper wallets).
Then along comes Hive, the client for iOS and OS X. It has this magical "BIP 39" thing. Apparently, it generates a 12-word passphrase (which, believe it or not, I've actually memorized!), and given that, (if I understand correctly) you don't actually need to worry about saving or backing up private keys anymore. Is that actually correct?! It seems too magical for me to believe, frankly.
So, this "deterministic wallet" thing - apparently, if you have the 12-word passphrase, it can somehow regenerate a "seed" for a private wallet key, re-spawing it from the ether, so you never need to store it or back it up?!?! Or am I misunderstanding?
I did try out my 12-word passphrase generated in Hive in another client, and, lo-and-behold, it worked! WTF?!?!
So, reddit, can you kindly explain, in non-mathemetician terms, how the fuck does this work? Is it magic? Keep in mind, I barely get the blockchain, decentralized transactional ledger concept, so that's where I'm at. Thanks!!!
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Unconfirmed received bitcoin in Multibit mac.

I have Multibit for Mac 0.5.1 and I have a transaction that says it’s unconfirmed from a year ago when I transferred my bitcoin from hive wallet. The transaction on says (I think) that it’s been sent but I can’t seem to get Multibit to show it. I’m trying to move it out of Multibit and into an online wallet for reasons such as this.
Here is the transaction from
I also have backups of my bitcoins, so I didn’t know if I could somehow use those on another install of Multibit to see if it would sync with the block chain properly or I could somehow extract useful data from them. I also don’t know how to extract the private keys from Multibit mac.
Any help or guidence on the issue is much appreciated.
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Poker Player having issues with MultiBit Wallet. Cyberattack or software bug?

Hello. I am an American professional online poker player. I use the multibit wallet to process my cashouts from the poker site that I regularly play on. I typically cash out funds from my poker account to multibit and then send them to my coinbase account literally as soon as I receive them.
About a month ago, I had an issue logging into my multibit wallet (the balance in the wallet at the time was <$1). The multibit client told me "the password did not unlock the wallet". I got spooked, reinstalled windows, and changed the passwords on all of my online accounts (poker site, gmail, facebook, etc). I also created a new multibit wallet.
Today, I attempted to log in to my multibit account. I was told when I attempted to log in that the original wallet could not be found and that the backup wallet was being loaded. Later today, I attempted to login again and received the same "the password did not unlock the wallet" error message.
I am not sure if I am under cyber attack by hackers hellbent on stealing my bitcoins, or if this is merely an error with multibit. I created a bitcoin wallet on armory, which I intend to use to process my payments in the future.
Is switching bitcoin clients enough? Am I being targeted by hackers? Is this a bug with multibit? How can I be secure in the future? WTF is going on?
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Problems with the same wallet on two computers

When i bought my first bitcoins i made two transactions. The first transaction was done too a wallet on my stationary computer (using Multibit). I then made a copy of this wallet on my laptop in order to have a backup. I then bought some more bitcoins and everything seamed to be fine. My laptop then broke down and I thought that it was awsom that I had a backup. Now when I want to sell some bitcoins I realise that only one of the transactions are available on my stationary computer (The one that i made my first transaction to). Has anybody had the same problem and in this case, how can I make all my bitcoins available on my stationary computer?
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Guide for first timers

I made this for my friends and family to use. Hope this heps someone. Much help!
bitcoins first: Get a wallet - just like physical money, you need a wallet to hold the money. use multibit - for a wallet - if you want options here a few go here and download this how to backup your wallet i recommend backing it up to at least 3 separate locations. example: harddrive, usb drive, encrypted dropbox folder.
go here to buy bitcoin also known as an exchange
don't create wallet, click sign up button on top right. add bank information, and credit card info, and phone info - phone allows 2 factor authentication so your identity becomes much more difficult to fake and steal your money and information. I asked them to send me a SMS message instead of using app. this is the most reputable place to do this at. Never never use an online wallet!!!
buy some bitcoin on, and send yourself some bitcoin using your multibit wallet address(under the Request tab it shows your address there)
Now Dogecoin First get a wallet, - use the qt wallet. You can get it here for either Mac or Windows. for linux use this guide -
For a place to buy dogecoin. Use cryptsy, here is the link.
click register new account. enter your information. go to your settings, and enable 2 factor authentication, use your cell phone number, and put in the number that they send to your phone. This makes it much more secure. you will send your bitcoins here and then buy dogecoin, then send the dogecoin to your wallet on your own computer. Backup the wallet after every purchase.
Send your Dogecoin to your own wallet. backup your wallet, at least 3 times. Use USB thumb drives. FYI, This might take away, the withdraw servers are slow as of right now. Took 3 days for me.
If you have any questions ask. Also you can buy Dogecoin or Bitcoin on ebay, do that at your own risk.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Think I Lost My Bitcoin

The following post by jibber4568 is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7ge0u8
The original post's content was as follows:
Firstly please excuse any lack of understanding. I've not really tracked Bitcoin in a number of years.
I purchased a small amount of Bitcoin 4 years ago. I brought with the idea I'll just buy and forget, might be worth something one day or might just loose it all.
I purchased it and as far as I remember everything was recieved on Knowing I wouldn't touch it for a while I follwed their advice and downloaded the wallet and then stored it in my Dropbox.
I can see the email in my inbox with the details:
"Attached to this email is an AES encrypted wallet backup which contains everything you need to restore your bitcoin balance. You can use it to restore the wallet at anytime at My Wallet or using the 3rd party MultiBit Desktop client."
At this point I was under the impression that my wallet was now stored within this backup.
I've just tried to restore it to today and it restores with a balance of 0. I can see in the transactions my two purchases and then 2 days later there is a transaction going out. Maybe this is just my own ignorance or lack of understanding but once the wallet was emailed to me and downloaded how is it still able to transfer out via Blockchain two days later?
Anyway I'm assuming what I purchased was stolen 2 days after I purchased it. Bit of a bummer if so but would be good for my own piece of mind to understand what happened.
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Merging wallets and forks question

I currently have some bitcoin in Coinbase account and I understand that following the B2X fork I will be credited the same amount in the new currency.
I also have some BTC in an old wallet I used some time ago, and now recovered from my Google Drive. It's called Multibit Classic.
Two questions. 1. Am I able to claim BTG for the BTC I have stored in my Multibit and Coinbase wallets? Those are some coins that been there for years so they were both present then the fork has happened.
  1. I'm aware of the negative comments about Coinbase. Are there any other trade sites that I should transfer my coins to, or should I keep them all in a software wallet with backups? (Don't think I need hardware wallet and paper isn't an option. Software wallet with secure backup should do it, like I did have my Multibit wallet saved there for years). If software wallet would be my best bet, what are you guys using that would be quite simple and support all the different coins? I was thinking a iPhone app, but not sure how that works if I lose the phone etc. With Multibit I knew as long as I have the files backed up i can access my wallet.
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How Do I Move My Wallet To Multibit?

I currently use the Bitcoin-QT wallet. however, sometime in the past hour, some clown decided to put a virus signature in the blockchain. This caused my antivirus to spazz out and corrupt my block database. How can I move my Bitcoin wallet to multibit? I have encrypted backups with a passphrase.
Thanks in advance.
edit: Are there any good lightweight alternatives to multibit? Forgot it had issues.
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Please help - wallet hacked(?)

My brother has a account. Today he logged into his wallet and a transaction was immediately issued and it appears to have sent his entire balance to an unknown address. He is pretty upset and I feel bad because I persuaded him to get into Bitcoin in the first place.
His address is 13xbFtB1Vi9LBdBEfyhmyuqhmRxCdMWpB1
Does anyone know how this could have happened? I assume it must have been a virus on his PC but wanted to see if I could get any more info. He is going to contact Blockchain support to see they can shed any light on it.
UPDATE: Panic over! Somehow his address in Blockchain changed. I suspect we are just too unfamiliar how it works but when he logs in now he sees the new address with the correct balance. Here is what he says happened: "I logged in on my phone. I immediately got a sms that a payment of .ooo1 BTC had been sent from my wallet. I then requested a backup just in case. This was sent to my email: Attached to this email is an AES encrypted wallet backup which contains everything you need to restore your bitcoin balance. You can use it to restore the wallet at anytime at My Wallet or using the 3rd party MultiBit Desktop client. I went to my wallet just now and my bitcoins appear to be in there (see attached screen) I got a text that my balance had been moved" Thanks for the help and I apologize for the false alarm.
EDIT: He does not have 2 factor authentication but does get SMS notifications of transactions
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[Guide] How to transfer your wallet from your computer to android.

I got tired of waiting and waiting for the whole blockchain to sync so I decided to move my dogecoins to my phone since the app does not need to download the whole chain. (Luckily there is a bounty for a electrum equivalent that will hopefully arrive soon.)
It is much much easier if you just transfer some funds to a new address on your android phone, but this tutorial is for those people like me who can't even get the dogecoin app to sync.
Surprisingly the whole process was very simple. Don't be put off by all the text or all the talk about security. I just want things to be accessible to beginners and to practice good habits. Root is not required.
Note: I am assuming you are using the official dogecoin-qt app and the Dogecoin Wallet app by langerhans.
Disclaimer: This will involve having your private key stored in plaintext. Proceed with caution and treat that file like you would a password. Do not share your private key with anyone.

Getting your private keys

A wallet comprises of public keys and private keys. Public keys are the addresses that you share, you can only use them for viewing. Private keys let you actually make transfers and are what makes you the owner of the wallet. Today we will be transferring those private keys to your phone. They will still be present on your computer unless you delete them, so keep that in mind security-wise.
You will have to replace everything in '<>' with your own values.
  1. Open the desktop app
  2. Open the wallet console by going to: Help -> Debug Window -> Console
  3. If your wallet is locked with a password, you'll need to unlock it by typing: "walletpassphrase 120".
  4. Get the private key for an address by typing: "dumpprivkey "
  5. Save the private key to a file.
  6. Repeat this for each address that you want to transfer over.
Please think about how much dogecoins you want to transfer over. Brarsh:
Do you need that much? What if you lose your device? Just like only keeping a small amount of cash in your wallet and most safe in the bank, only carry what you could conceivably use for that time without access to your main wallet.

Creating a backup file

Next we need to create a backup file so that we can import our addresses into the android app. The android app uses the same format for its backup files as MultiBit (A popular bitcoin app). A typical file looks like the following:
# KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEYS SAFE! Anyone who can read this can spend your Bitcoins. Kwmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2013-06-22T18:36:35Z L1Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2013-05-04T22:47:32Z Kxwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2013-05-08T00:58:28Z 
What we want to do is put our private keys in the following format: key date-of-address-creation, where the date is in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ. Note the T and the Z. The android app needs the date so it knows how far back into the blockchain it needs to sync.
If you can't remember when you created the address, visit and get the date of the earliest transaction. It says that the dates are approximate, so I'd just put 00:00:00 for the time.
You should now have a valid unencrypted backup of your wallet.

Importing the backup

  1. Transfer the backup to your android phone, placing it in your Download folder. It has to be put in the Download folder or else the dogecoin app won't find the backup. Make sure it has a name you'll remember later.
  2. Open the dogecoin app and click on: Back Up Keys -> Restore private keys. Click on the name of the backup and from the list that shows up, look for your backup, which should be unencrypted. Click Restore.
  3. Delete the backup in your Downloads folder. Remember, your private key is stored in plaintext in there, so it is important that you delete it. Delete the backup on your computer if it is there also.
  4. Wait for the app to sync completely. Your addresses will be added to the addresses that were already in the app, and your transactions should show up. If they do not, make sure that the date you put was correct and early enough.
  5. Go to Back up Keys > Back up private keys and create a backup. This time it will be encrypted with a password :). If you do not have a backup, you could lose all your coins if you lose your phone or the data on it.
  6. To the moon!


I just got into dogecoin two days ago so correct me if any of this is wrong. Same thing with anything in the post :).
Blockchain/Dogechain: The blockchain is a ledger (record) of all the dogecoin transactions that have ever taken place. As of writing it is larger than 1GB in size. The blockchain is needed to find out how many funds you have in your wallet.
Wallet: A wallet is the digital equivalent of a real life wallet. It is where your money is tied to (It doesn't contain actual dogecoins, but someone else could explain that better than me). The wallet contains your addresses and your private keys, both which are needed to receive and send dogecoins respectively.


Getting your private key
Importing the key into the android app
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Suddenly missing bitcoins on Multibit

I was trying to send a coin to btc-e with my wallet Multibit. After nothing happened for more then a hour I started to google around. It was stuck on "square" so only viewed by one peer. I stumbled on this:
Thinking that it couldnt hurt I reset the transaction by following this: "You can remove the transaction that never propagated by doing a 'Tools | Reset Reset Blockchain and Transactions'."
Now I'm missing several coins even though they show up in the "Transaction" tab. There are also less keys showing in the "Send" tab.
What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?
EDIT: Importing the Private Keys from my latest backup didnt fix anything
EDIT2: After Resetting the Blockchain several more times everythings is back to normal. Was scared already, loosing several thousand usd would have sucked :D
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Bitcoin (peer-to-peer yet global digital currency) for your business and for yourself

Hello all! I assume Voluntaryism in Colorado means more than sharing pirated links, so I thought I'd write about my favorite subject: Bitcoin. I am a member of the Colorado Bitcoin Network ( and we hold meetups every month, usually at Southern Hospitality in LoDo:
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the first electronic currency that is widely decentralized and not controlled by any company or government. Created in 2009, it is a protocol for value transfer--like how email is a communications protocol compared to snail mail--that relies upon a tech breakthrough known as the "blockchain" to record data (transactions to a ledger) that cannot be changed without a massive amount of electrical and computing power. The economic incentives have (so far) been aligned properly to where it is more profitable to secure the ledger than to attack it.
Why should I care as an individual?
Bitcoin was designed to mimic the properties of gold, but with all the conveniences of digital money. One of the most important is a hard 21 million limit on the number of whole bitcoins that will ever be created. This makes Bitcoin, like gold, a hedge against inflation of government money and an investment vehicle for those who expect it to become a major global currency. The price per bitcoin has risen from literally nothing to fractions of a cent to dollar parity to now $700 over the course of it's 7 year existence. Bitcoin can be purchased in any fractional amount, however, practicably down to less than a dollar's worth.
Bitcoin is also a rather convenient way to transfer value across borders and to friends and family. Sending money costs usually less than 10 cents no matter how much you send and no matter where in the world. Unlike credit cards, Bitcoin doesn't transmit any sensitive information for others to grab and use to create fraudulent transactions. Bitcoin is cash for the internet. Overstock, Dell, Microsoft, NewEgg, Expedia, Gyft, eGifter, CardCash, (for Amazon purchases) and others accept it directly online. Several charities do as well. Bitcoin makes donation incredibly fast and easy.
Why should I care as a business?
Bitcoin eliminates chargeback risk and costs typically 1% or less in processing fees (FREE if you accept directly or use Bitpay or Coinbase as a low volume merchant). Bitcoin is free to integrate in most cases and takes little time to understand and setup. Bitcoin can be kept as bitcoin or can be converted immediately to dollars settled to your business bank account by ACH within days. Because there is no chargeback risk, whatever revenue you receive is final, either in Bitcoin or dollars.
Several great tools exist for merchants wanting to accept online or in-person. There really is no reason not to add Bitcoin to your accepted methods of payment! If you have a Stripe or Shopify-based website, integration is as easy as turning the option on in settings. Plugins are available for many carts by external payment processors, API access is available for your own custom integration, and direct invoicing is easy and popular for those using site's like Etsy or other marketplaces. Acceptance in person works just as well via phone, tablet, or computer screen. Several Bitcoin merchant directories exist where users, like myself, look for new places to spend Bitcoin regularly, meaning you can attract new customers.
The Colorado Bitcoin Network exists to expand awareness and adoption and would be happy to provide setup assistance and training for free!
How do you use Bitcoin safely?
Bitcoin is the first opportunity to "be our own bank" in the world of digital money, therefore it can be as safe as you want it to be. Unlike Paypal or online banking, no one else has to have access to your funds, which means no theft or frozen accounts, but at the same time, no one to roll back your own mistakes. Most people buy Bitcoin through Coinbase or Circle and keep it in these accounts, but that is not something I would advise since they control the "private keys" that authorizes the spending of those funds. It largely defeats the purpose of owning Bitcoin.
By contrast, you can easily and safely store and use bitcoin yourself by downloading a mobile wallet like Airbitz or a PC wallet like Copay. Wallets like these generate the private keys solely on your device. What is incredibly important here, however, is that you BACKUP your wallet's private seed (or usepass with Airbitz). Otherwise, if your device is lost or damaged, those bitcoin will be lost forever!
Yes, but is the Bitcoin network secure?
Bitcoin has been operating continuously since 2009 as open source software which has been subject to continuous attack. It is the most proven and secure of any of the new class of "cryptocurrency" that currently exist, however it is still an economic experiment. Risks such as how do we get Bitcoin to safely scale in the number of transactions it can handle and how do we keep Bitcoin decentralized are still major problems the community is trying to solve. Most of the major thefts of Bitcoin, especially the well-publicized ones like the collapse of Mt.Gox, were not failures of Bitcoin, itself, but of the central exchanges that were hacked or suffered internal theft. This was all possible because the people affected had stored their bitcoin on these exchanges under someone else's control. While that may be needed for trading purposes, no one else should have to store bitcoin in the hands of another. This is why I always recommend people transfer their bitcoin to a wallet they control no matter how they purchase it.
Here is a some additional information for those new to Bitcoin / cryptocurrency:
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Making a backup

Hey guys,
I bought a couple of bit dimes (tenths of a bitcoin) a while back, mostly as an incentive to force myself to keep an eye on bitcoin developments.
I use MultiBit to manage my wallet. There's not much managing really, I tried a few things like shifting it from one wallet to another and making a payment once.
Anyway I'd like to make a USB key backup that I can put in a drawer sometime. I don't trust this PC not to crap out sooner or later. How do I do this exactly? I've been reading the multibit help files but the terminology is slightly unclear to me.
If I follow the instructions for exporting a private key and I put that private key file on a USB stick, will I have backed up my bitcoin files so to speak?
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Multibit wallet backup

Now I have MultiBit instelled and I have created and (verified) my Bitstamp account.
I will buy my first bitcoins but I wanna be sure how to deal with my wallet.
What happens with my bitcoins if I reinstall windows? ... how do I backup my wallet?
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Is there any way to export private keys from multibit and have the same address as a paper wallet for back up?

I want to have both an electronic (usb drive) and paper wallet back up of my bitcoins. I understand that I can use multibit to send the coins to my paper wallet that I generated, but how can I also have an electronic backup?
I like multibit but I'm willing to use another client if needed. I realize that if either electronic or paper wallet is compromised, then the other is useless. Any suggestions?
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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube Carteira multibit classic com backup Setting up Bitcoin Wallet in Install, Backup And Restore A Bitcoin Wallet. Or, Almost ... tutorial on how to decrypt a bitcoin wallet backup to use with multibitHD

Eine Bitcoin-Wallet ist wie eine Geldbörse mit Bargeld. Falls Sie nicht mehrere tausend Euro in Ihrem Geldbeutel aufbewahren, sollten Sie das auch bei Ihrer Bitcoin-Wallet nicht tun. Überhaupt ist es ein bewährtes Verfahren, nur kleine Mengen von Bitcoins für den täglichen Bedarf auf ihrem Computer oder Smartphone zu haben und den restlichen Teil Ihres Vermögens an einem sicheren Ort zu ... Back to Table of Contents How to backup your wallet using private keys. You can export your private keys from a MultiBit Classic wallet into a file (using the 'Tools Export private keys' option) and, as long as you do not manually create new receiving addresses, you can use the private key file as a backup for the wallet. Whether it’s, Bitcoin QT, MultiBit or any other wallet. Step 2 – Look for “Backup wallet” or “Export private keys” Search inside the wallet’s menu until you find one of these options. Here is And this is Bitcoin-QT: And this is MultiBit: Step 3 – Save your backup to a flash drive You can backup your wallet either by : Closing MultiBit and then copying the wallet and info files. Or. Exporting your private keys to a private key export file. This only contains private keys (no labels, no transactions). You can import it into a new wallet and it regenerates the wallet (but currently you lose your address labels). Multibit was one of the better Bitcoin wallets between 2011-2016. However, in 2019, both Multibit Classic and Multibit HD have been abandoned by its owner Keepkey and are no longer supported. If you still have Bitcoin in your Multibit wallet and need to get it out, read on. You can still try to send Bitcoin out of Multibit is make a transaction directly in the wallet. However, there are a few ...

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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube

Found my wallet backup from 2014 and tried to sync it. It wouldn't sync but the solution for me was to update to the latest version of Multibit and resync. Multibit is no longer supported so its ... In this video, I will share with you how to set up a bitcoin wallet using MultiBit as an example. Bitcoin Wallet: B... This short tutorial explains what a Bitcoin wallet backup is and how to create it on 3 different wallets:, Bitcoin-QT and MultiBit. For more information and tutorials about Bitocin ... ????? ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO DO VÍDEO ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ ????? baixe a carteira multibit clasic e faça o backup para nuvem com dropbox ou one drive . deixo os links para carteira ... In this video I'll show you how to make a secure and encrypted USB Bitcoin Wallet. I'm going to use MultiBit to create this wallet and then store it onto a U...