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Decred Journal – September 2018

Note: you can read this on GitHub (link), Medium (link) or old Reddit (link).


Final version 1.3.0 of the core software was released bringing all the enhancements reported last month to the rest of the community. The groundwork for SPV (simplified payment verification) is complete, another reduction of fees is being deployed, and performance stepped up once again with a 50% reduction in startup time, 20% increased sync speed and more than 3x faster peer delivery of block headers (a key update for SPV). Decrediton's integrations of SPV and Politeia are open for testing by experienced users. Read the full release notes and get the downloads on GitHub. As always, don't forget to verify signatures.
dcrd: completed several steps towards multipeer downloads, improved introduction to the software in the main README, continued porting cleanups and refactoring from upstream btcd.
Currently in review are initial release of smart fee estimator and a change to UTXO set semantics. The latter is a large and important change that provides simpler handling, and resolves various issues with the previous approach. A lot of testing and careful review is needed so help is welcome.
Educational series for new Decred developers by @matheusd added two episodes: 02 Simnet Setup shows how to automate simnet management with tmux and 03 Miner Reward Invalidation explains block validity rules.
Finally, a pull request template with a list of checks was added to help guide the contributors to dcrd.
dcrwallet: bugfixes and RPC improvements to support desktop and mobile wallets.
Developers are welcome to comment on this idea to derive stakepool keys from the HD wallet seed. This would eliminate the need to backup and restore redeem scripts, thus greatly improving wallet UX. (missed in July issue)
Decrediton: bugfixes, refactoring to make the sync process more robust, new loading animations, design polishing.
Politeia: multiple improvements to the CLI client (security conscious users with more funds at risk might prefer CLI) and security hardening. A feature to deprecate or timeout proposals was identified as necessary for initial release and the work started. A privacy enhancement to not leak metadata of ticket holders was merged.
Android: update from @collins: "Second test release for dcrandroid is out. Major bugs have been fixed since last test. Latest code from SPV sync has been integrated. Once again, bug reports are welcome and issues can be opened on GitHub". Ask in #dev room for the APK to join testing.
A new security page was added that allows one to validate addresses and to sign/verify messages, similar to Decrediton's Security Center. Work on translations is beginning.
Overall the app is quite stable and accepting more testers. Next milestone is getting the test app on the app store.
iOS: the app started accepting testers last week. @macsleven: "the test version of Decred Wallet for iOS is available, we have a link for installing the app but the builds currently require your UDID. Contact either @macsleven or @raedah with your UDID if you would like to help test.".
Nearest goal is to make the app crash free.
Both mobile apps received new design themes.
dcrdata: v3.0 was released for mainnet! Highlights: charts, "merged debits" view, agendas page, Insight API support, side chain tracking, Go 1.11 support with module builds, numerous backend improvements. Full release notes here. This release featured 9 contributors and development lead @chappjc noted: "This collaboration with @raedahgroup on our own block explorer and web API for @decredproject has been super productive.".
Up next is supporting dynamic page widths site wide and deploying new visual blocks home page.
Trezor: proof of concept implementation for Trezor Model T firmware is in the works (previous work was for Model One).
Ticket splitting: updated to use Go modules and added simnet support, several fixes.
docs: beginner's guide overhaul, multiple fixes and cleanups. added 3rd party wallets, removed inactive PoW pools and removed web wallet.
@Richard-Red is building a curated list of Decred-related GitHub repositories.
Welcome to new people contributing for the first time: @klebe, @s_ben, @victorguedes, and PrimeDominus!
Dev activity stats for September: 219 active PRs, 197 commits, 28.7k added and 18.8k deleted lines spread across 6 repositories. Contributions came from 4-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: started and ended the month around 75 PH/s, hitting a low of 60.5 and a new high of 110 PH/s. BeePool is again the leader with their share varying between 23-54%, followed by F2Pool 13-30%, Coinmine 4-6% and Luxor 3-5%. As in previous months, there were multiple spikes of unidentified hashrate.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 98 DCR (+2.4). The price varied between 95.7 and 101.9 DCR. Locked DCR amount was 3.86-3.96 million DCR, or 45.7-46.5% of the supply.
Nodes: there are 201 public listening nodes and 325 normal nodes per Version distribution: 5% are v1.4.0(pre) dev builds (+3%), 30% on v1.3.0 (+25%), 42% on v1.2.0 (-20%), 15% on v1.1.2 (-7%), 6% on v1.1.0. More than 76% of nodes run v1.2.0 and higher and therefore support client filters. Data as of Oct 1.


Obelisk posted two updates on their mailing list. 70% of Batch 1 units are shipped, an extensive user guide is available, Obelisk Scanner application was released that allows one to automatically update firmware. First firmware update was released and bumped SC1 hashrate by 10-20%, added new pools and fixed multiple bugs. Next update will focus on DCR1. It is worth a special mention that the firmware source code is now open! Let us hope more manufacturers will follow this example.
A few details about Whatsminer surfaced this month. The manufacturer is MicroBT, also known as Bitwei and commonly misspelled as Bitewei. Pangolinminer is a reseller, and the model name is Whatsminer D1.
Bitmain has finally entered Decred ASIC space with their Antminer DR3. Hash rate is 7.8 TH/s while pulling 1410 W, at the price of $673. These specs mean it has the best GH/W and GH/USD of currently sold miners until the Whatsminer or others come out, although its GH/USD of 11.6 already competes with Whatsminer's 10.5. Discussed on Reddit and bitcointalk, unboxing video here.


Meet our 17th voting service provider: It is operated by @david, has 2% fee and supports ticket splitting. Reddit thread is here.
For a historical note, the first VSP to support ticket splitting was
@matheusd started tests on testnet several months ago. I contacted him so we could integrate with the pool in June this year. We set up the machine in July and bought the first split ticket on mainnet, using the decredbrasil pool, on July 19. It was voted on July 30. After this first vote on mainnet, we opened the tests to selected users (with more technical background) on the pool. In August we opened the tests to everyone, and would call people who want to join to the #ticket_splitting channel, or to our own Slack (in Portuguese, so mostly Brazilian users). We have 28 split tickets already voted, and 16 are live. So little more than 40 split tickets total were bought on decredbrasil pool. (@girino in #pos-voting)
KuCoin exchange listed DCBTC and DCETH pairs. To celebrate their anniversary they had a 99% trading fees discount on DCR pairs for 2 weeks.
Three more wallets integrated Decred in September:
ChangeNow announced Decred addition to their Android app that allows accountless swaps between 150+ assets.
Coinbase launched informational asset pages for top 50 coins by market cap, including Decred. First the pages started showing in the Coinbase app for a small group of testers, and later the web price dashboard went live.


The birth of a Brazilian girl was registered on the Decred blockchain using OriginalMy, a blockchain proof of authenticity services provider. Read the full story in Portuguese and in English.


Advertising report for September is ready. Next month the graphics for all the ads will be changing.
Marketing might seem quiet right now, but a ton is actually going on behind the scenes to put the right foundation in place for the future. Discovery data are being analyzed to generate a positioning strategy, as well as a messaging hierarchy that can guide how to talk about Decred. This will all be agreed upon via consensus of the community in the work channels, and materials will be distributed.
Next, work is being done to identify the right PR partner to help with media relations, media training, and coordination at events. While all of this is coming up to speed, we believe the website needs a refresher reflecting the soon to be agreed upon messaging, plus a more intuitive architecture to make it easier to navigate. (@Dustorf)


We'll begin shortly reviewing conferences and events planned for the first half of 2019. Highlights are sure to include The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami (Jan 16-18) and Consensus in NYC (May 14-16). If you have suggestions of events or conferences Decred should attend, please share them in #event_planning. In 2019, we would like to expand our presence in Europe, Asia, and South America, and we're looking for community members to help identify and staff those events. (@Dustorf)


August issue of Decred Journal was translated to Russian. Many thanks to @DZ!
Rency cryptocurrency ratings published a report on Decred and incorporated a lot of feedback from the community on Reddit.
September issue of Chinese CCID ratings was published (snapshot), Decred is still at the bottom.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems news: Several work channels were migrated to Matrix, #writers_room is finally bridged.
Twitter: why decentralized governance and funding are necessary for network survival and the power of controlling the narrative; learning about governance more broadly by watching its evolution in cryptocurrency space, importance of community consensus and communications infrastructure.
Reddit: yet another strong pitch by @solar; question about buyer protections; dcrtime internals; a proposal to sponsor hoodies in the University of Cape Town; Lightning Network support for altcoins.
Chats: skills to operate a stakepool; voting details: 2 of 3 votes can approve a block, what votes really approve are regular tx, etc; scriptless script atomic swaps using Schnorr adaptor signatures; dev dashboard, choosing work, people do best when working on what interests them most; opportunities for governments and enterprise for anchoring legal data to blockchain; terminology: DAO vs DAE; human-friendly payments, sharing xpub vs payment protocols; funding btcsuite development; Politeia vote types: approval vote, sentiment vote and a defund vote, also linking proposals and financial statements; algo trading and programming languages (yes, on #trading!); alternative implementation, C/C++/Go/Rust; HFTs, algo trading, fake volume and slippage; offline wallets, usb/write-only media/optical scanners vs auditing traffic between dcrd and dcrwallet; Proof of Activity did not inspire Decred but spurred Decred to get moving, Wikipedia page hurdles; how stakeholders could veto blocks; how many votes are needed to approve a proposal; why Decrediton uses Electron; CVE-2018-17144 and over-dependence on single Bitcoin implementation, btcsuite, fuzz testing; tracking proposal progress after voting and funding; why the wallet does not store the seed at all; power connectors, electricity, wiring and fire safety; reasonable spendings from project fund; ways to measure sync progress better than block height; using Politeia without email address; concurrency in Go, locks vs channels.
#support is not often mentioned, but it must be noted that every day on this channel people get high quality support. (@bee: To my surprise, even those poor souls running Windows 10. My greatest respect to the support team!)


In September DCR was trading in the range of USD 34-45 / BTC 0.0054-0.0063. On Sep 6, DCR revisited the bottom of USD 34 / BTC 0.0054 when BTC quickly dropped from USD 7,300 to 6,400. On Sep 14, a small price rise coincided with both the start of KuCoin trading and hashrate spike to 104 PH/s. Looking at coinmarketcap charts, the trading volume is a bit lower than in July and August.
As of Oct 4, Decred is #18 by the number of daily transactions with 3,200 tx, and #9 by the USD value of daily issuance with $230k. (source: onchainfx)
Interesting observation by @ImacallyouJawdy: while we sit at 2018 price lows the amount locked in tickets is testing 2018 high.

Relevant External

ASIC for Lyra2REv2 was spotted on the web. Vertcoin team is preparing a new PoW algorithm. This would be the 3rd fork after two previous forks to change the algorithm in 2014 and 2015.
A report titled The Positive Externalities of Bitcoin Mining discusses the benefits of PoW mining that are often overlooked by the critics of its energy use.
A Brief Study of Cryptonetwork Forks by Alex Evans of Placeholder studies the behavior of users, developers and miners after the fork, and makes the cases that it is hard for child chains to attract users and developers from their parent chains.
New research on private atomic swaps: the paper "Anonymous Atomic Swaps Using Homomorphic Hashing" attempts to break the public link between two transactions. (bitcointalk, decred)
On Sep 18 Poloniex announced delisting of 8 more assets. That day they took a 12-80% dive showing their dependence on this one exchange.
Circle introduced USDC markets on Poloniex: "USDC is a fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin using the ERC-20 standard that provides detailed financial and operational transparency, operates within the regulated framework of US money transmission laws, and is reinforced by established banking partners and auditors.".
Coinbase announced new asset listing process and is accepting submissions on their listing portal. (decred)
The New York State Office of the Attorney General posted a study of 13 exchanges that contains many insights.
A critical vulnerability was discovered and fixed in Bitcoin Core. Few days later a full disclosure was posted revealing the severity of the bug. In a bitcointalk thread btcd was called 'amateur' despite not being vulnerable, and some Core developers voiced their concerns about multiple implementations. The Bitcoin Unlimited developer who found the bug shared his perspective in a blog post. Decred's vision so far is that more full node implementations is a strength, just like for any Internet protocol.

About This Issue

This is the 6th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room on Matrix or Slack.
Contributions are also welcome: some areas are adding content, pre-release review or translations to other languages.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Dustorf, jz, Haon, oregonisaac, raedah and Richard-Red.
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Reddit Sponsored Tor Nodes

Hi all! I'm an experienced Tor node operator that would like to see if there would be interest in getting some donations together to have a family of Tor nodes sponsored by this subreddit. I would be more than happy to do all of the backend / setup etc. I've run a fast relay for over a year now and it's become quite the fun hobby. With the events happening in Ukraine, I would like to start this project.
VPS can be had for about 6-7 Euro a month, I think it would be really cool if this subreddit could get together and get a few up and running!
Let me know your thoughts!
I just got an email set up I will be generating a PGP key and I will post the public key in here as well. the email is
[email protected] - feel free to drop me a line there as well. Thank you so much to everyone who has PM'd me thus far and commited funds. I will work on the organizational standpoints this morning and figure out the best method of payment. Would anyone be interested in getting in an IRC channel to discuss this more in detail as well?
Set up a bitcoin wallet if people would like to donate with bitcoin.
mQINBFLiCpIBEADc0XgNsipV4fYdhLRzrMzSE+DkdFgiPmrH2QqhKXLpNprx8Hxk vUoo6xxRYutOFEBR5QyYLU9gIoPbvBGt2U7B3J3Akzkyn12JW37SSX+wiX13GmaU aTrkyzx3p+lglexClis+dOcWWYAbaEKrYw8w58Xcme/6nEUdogO0H+QEP/61TBhr Ij93IAalbjXDC/XN+lQ/LaHVC6QDlDC0UirzLm+EBYdXzeAZpRsJ0XjMoa9MCAT1 5maknPuSXaAWRq6DLuW9UMTk+xDkaVY5O3G6ouxKOjB8SOcXvVsoAG5vQtOsyy1S Zj8UVOeVg1n1kVPCWsEtDh6qlhqb1mH5SlTtsUyfxMifRlKdBkeLL5nc5XKz5K1s LUYX2IMY88gRrVylebMX3bPlAqGvvzc0II42lmtxYWukC+2xdiBbfuVC0uHnHQhw BhaNvdgUm+lR+Pb/VTbJf6aOpMghx+vSYUYKClblD0ITaL6N21mrqHQQ+j1qcYrY lTPDYoodXuuKmuPD/EpGApyhDgv080jOYp+s5tTq/LN8tALX902LcdKE7a3qJfQS 1vR858VRRZyTD4rZfvqVlQxo26Uss65Ch7ffVkxic1KWWUcV+k2I6tvbsZM8p5uP qFk/fLmG6L9uWxn9k2xvG6WH+qYJOuonQFVI6xKYm/OY0SGX5HYCnV0utwARAQAB tCxSZWxheXMgRm9yIEplc3VzIDxyZWxheXNmb3JqZXN1c0ByaXNldXAubmV0PokC PQQTAQoAJwUCUuIKkgIbAwUJAeDV7gULCQgHAwUVCgkICwUWAgMBAAIeAQIXgAAK CRD4GDWhkI6C5KxpEAChlIk8iX5pFx0MWoBIUauR2TOUGXj4DOeSBoCc3sl7T54g wqzinZEVLGeQMGU+5orbZOqQyrDKo47TuWV8Y4YNamEy+/8hW5BjPlL9h5tfq2B8 54ZT5cQRWLRdYAgr42R3gqNZYh9b5a53XOqWwQHRqgEz87RZFT9CtFk7UZni/QBq ItT9GfCGQfx4NgttSAM94BZNiHsx8tlDc9y7VAGsq6AaUKQ+7CTkZ0pgCARARG3o xEaRy9DC0YlYa3m94xbnHVkt32b5IUjlVB8AHirj0HePOzroFjFpo8eKO+RIxbRG 3q0frksOE7WFxCQicsr7o02o1NIlMZKISrcrM0HqlAYwqEXCjYvck5+AVQZJM8Td jmmeBdgp+dhBQv6B+/Mt0fRxcJYf95Kh4AgjTDx4LEmLF3rQL/PHgc4OxthNWL// lknL9800/TWvNiBDRCSV9Fk2Y89l0lCf7OqTTHY7CKCMz1fzK1P5e0H4j+/2hA6v tBlEQFxHfrTVwMSHo2G5r64cJbAbWY10WcOgwqv69t2Gb3tdFgjkMg3hcZtfHlfe aVPPc93S24jR1s4gqppVTJKd8Za2a+X66+MIBGrSl9OHUw/Mo7FoPOAYlwSONGfs Fomna0cOQJiFQ5c7Fb7niTsF/5p52BXCCrukrs6G7VN4mSArIvc5cJ3x8Tgq+rkC DQRS4gqSARAAzROeK/NT9tON3XJtjHeRUGLNaI0kXJ8PsF8AwxGWmQCNur7p8KH8 6DXjR6/F8b+2osXrXkansixhPIULKEcxIMzoCGnPoVzDp2YZQ0pUxXi8zr7wz+MF Uvk+ZWUBbtuHE6g0i9aIuyyRSv4AwJVbpWBrcA1jIL1+q/n6w1jg2YecUEJtr+ou eBSjTHdHn4oZxYCPPLFAAevHPoCjEeKGTEh1/VZ2LyKTCZUv/mOY8doIVqiA8lWK sIX5/afAjNnIcXhx/Xk66uIAKkMJ/mihxZ/5UdUKZpkWhTr0hGZkPYNOIHRV5nas 701kMD2fi1kIrdxnVSZ6vsL7M6x/8IiKKdy5ycVs+DsN76rmtZTUyBj/VnU7hrQW y9mxVeARnph8VN5I6HoMvSKifPSAnYQwOmZBHV8+S1v+W5+TYSdB3g5xv6jD0U65 JSrgDaj6PqB3fMK5Ajhyluc6IP1ksljhrQjMpOxdtwQJ9kU3gEd/y9g6uWZ7K5BC szDWbpzvXoI03Fc4TQJXltUQuhCmG7TRqqSkjVoziwVDutiboAn76FB6J+l+gZdw 5Xu3iHkNPbMYKMPOu3ksN3Y4MXmQrg21HvCtbHOkW6qTflM7YgmyEf3HnNS9BJNN 2fUYVB91yN7KXLRYfKBoAruO/xaD7aDC8r0dvO14l6tUi9A/+1dgu98AEQEAAYkC JQQYAQoADwUCUuIKkgIbDAUJAeDV7gAKCRD4GDWhkI6C5LrNEADU4peIML46ZSyp 5VtulduDBKvXBPiR0qGHYM1XKldWwClQ8N6bmtMJ5xU3Y7/SD1sN4AGcwwA4CIFW 2InmbC5B56cR4RenNK/uym1p/rkCq6XL0U3HyRGsLtNfnddiujV2qHyDDspvtn3q agbNrVbSE+cLOrmTb2J6vqz0UEIF7Ool+rIRTx4JsXCETxR0tGXQXu1ycFtjgmKs nXmtEr8Oh4iUv8bhxo6MHcCcPWWfqevejnd7N/Ur06ekhoaJNYHHudwkKtFwF4Oa FVlLJ3aO3CUhQdM8xxZ9Jhbx5OLmW1JxT9fs6JaPz+El1pMDGn8Vl2BeFvKqxILx y4UoFtzhrXXz0jRks2Py/sUGJnXHtOsdtZdHqP7YEdK6o4eDp2jbsyU5yad8Fp/T 9s0gOBU9PXCdBqb0jl8WRkiomCzj3d4/EzcT4sCNBDPHf8HrPvOt0KpCBFAfmuJp gwEo6Efhg6mWSdMRPERocickp+bpFkArQhGqtrqB8sFNwrDN7r7SSsS0OkzHdamV o0hUQ9UgwLM6tey1SfQmPrQF6VDLFlkUOx6S9sZ2D5SOVXOJWIcTYTv3SbO0xvCZ 1meUggvYgn1Wfn1ndonuoVXdcOPvWqETbqa0mDKbNulrGIF6BNqVI/yxm68HKBJ6 z5oKXVvoKsW7KKE1pFuHu6p/GAn1pQ== =Np9C -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
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